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Prepared for Such a Time

Have you ever had a moment, a day or period of time that you just know that your life experiences up to that time were preparing you for?  For me Eye Live is one of these moments.  I’m not going to lie getting to this point has been beyond stressful and even now I continue to fight feelings of insecurity and fear.  But I remain convinced that at this time this is my calling.  So much of what I’ve lived & experienced has been preparing me for this. 

My human nature tells me that if something is right it should just all fall into place quickly & easily.  Although this is sometimes the case, hindsight reveals to me a very different truth.  I believe strongly there are continual battles going on concerning each one of us that we often cannot see with our eyes.  Many of you will think this is crazy, but I know it to be true as I’ve lived it especially the last 8 months.  The things I feel most called to rarely come without a fight.  Evil is very present and real in this world and it wants to stop us from fulfilling our callings.  If it can restrain us with fear, hopelessness, exhaustion, lack of time, distraction, selfishness and countless other means to blind and paralyze us it wins.  I must admit looking back on my life I’ve allowed it to win far too many times.  I’m a peace lover and a people pleaser by nature.  I do not willingly march into a battle.  When faced with any form of opposition every part of me wants to scream (and I do mean the biggest, ugliest, most cowardly scream you’ve ever heard), turn and run.  Truthfully even now, that’s my instinct with all the challenges we’ve faced just trying to get Eye Live open.   But my life reveals that the tough things I’ve stuck around and fought for shaped me and often brought people & experiences my way that I might otherwise never had.  This doesn’t mean things always turned out as I thought they would or should, but I’d experience the pain again if I had to as I wouldn’t want to miss out on the gifts that came out of the struggle.

For many of you reading this you might be in the height of battle right now.  If you are feeling the fight is too big today my heart goes out to you.  Please keep fighting.  Trust me I know it’s hard.  If you’d like anyone to talk to or pray for you send me an email at or come see me at Eye Live once our doors open in June 2017.  I will always make time for you.  I know how difficult life can be and I also know that as alone as you may feel at times, you are never alone.