Basic RGBI promise one of these times I’ll write a blog more to do with your eyes and products we recommend, however, this is not that time.  I’m so excited about plans taking shape at Eye Live and wanted to share one of our plans that excites me the most and I hope will excite you too.  The great part of this plan is you play a very important role in it.

In my late teen years, I stumbled upon a documentary on TV about women being sexually exploited.  I was a naïve teen (something I’m truly grateful for today) and needless to say having my eyes opened to what some women endure broke me, the tears were flowing and my heart was changed.  Although, I don’t remember too many specifics of that documentary now, that day forever changed me and created in me a desire to do something for people involved in sexual exploitation.  The years passed and taking care of my young family got all-consuming of my time so any efforts to do more than send money to groups helping in this area escaped me.   I seriously started to think I’d never get the opportunity to do anything other than send money to help these women who so desperately need to be shown real love.   But then one evening I was introduced to Next Step Ministries and God once again touched my heart deeply and showed me my way to connect this longing desire of my heart with our plans at Eye Live.

Brent and I had been talking for several months prior to this how we dreamed of finding a way to give back with Eye Live.  We were hoping to find a way to reach out to Calgary’s most needy.   This all became clear when I went to a Micah Night at our church without Brent as he was home with our kids.  Micah nights are nights where we get an opportunity to hear from different agencies working with the poor and marginalized in Calgary.  On this particular night Phil Reimer was speaking of his work at Next Step Ministries.  And after hearing Phil’s heart I knew this was the agency we were to partner with.  Normally Brent and I work very much together and run everything past one another before leaping in, but this night I knew I had to tell Phil right then and there that we had an office that we could use to provide a service to these women he was working with and we wanted to partner with them in that way. 

Yesterday I was so excited to introduce Brent and our Eye Live team to Phil and see my heart’s dream take a step closer to becoming a reality.  We have created a fashionable line of Eye Live branded eyewear that each time someone purchases one of these eyeglass frames we will be contacting Phil to arrange a free eye exam & glasses for one of the women in Next Step Ministries program.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to give these women ultimate care and show them our love and admiration for the change they are trying to make in their lives.  We wish you could be there for these visits, but it’s important that in our efforts to help them we are protecting their privacy and not exploiting them in any way ourselves.     We are hoping to find a way to advise after you have purchased one of these eye glasses and the person you have helped has been in our office, so you can also enjoy knowing how you have blessed someone else.    But in order to not exploit their situation further the details we will provide will most likely be very limited.  We appreciate your support with this Buy a Pair Give a Pair program.  We are so excited to see where it goes and just how many individuals in Calgary we can end up helping with their eye care as a result of your support.

For more info on Next Step Ministries and the amazing work they are doing in Calgary, please check out

I’m also thrilled at this time to let you know that our doors will be opening to the public for the first time on July 17, 2017.  Yay!  We are so excited to start serving you for your eye care needs!!!  Our big Grand Opening Bash will occur after our doors have been open for a bit.  I’ll be sure to advise once we have details.